Non Standard Plugs and Sockets - MK

Probably the most commonly used modern type, this has a T shape earth pin.


MK non standard 13A plug MK non standard 13A plug with T earth pin As with most of the non standard types, this has a modified earth pin, line and neutral unchanged. The earth pin on this style is T shaped, making it totally imcompatible with normal sockets.

These plugs and sockets are modern ones, and are probably the most commonly used non-standard type.

Note the blue and brown coloured plastic inserts below each pin, to identify which colour of wire connects to each pin.


Cover of MK non standard 13A plug MK non standard metal socket outlet The single socket here is a metal version, however many styles are available including plain white plastic.

The back of the plug has a printed warning advising to use only with the appropriate socket - attempting to shove this plug into a standard socket outlet will damage the socket.

GET branded socket

GET branded non standard socket outlet A double white plastic socket, GET branded. Although a different manufacturer, the design is identical to the MK ones, and MK plugs fit into this socket.