Eversafe Potential Indicator

Two pole voltage indicator with neon lamp inside.

Original Box

Eversafe Potential Indicator in original boxEversafe Potential Indicator with instruction sheet This item includes the original instruction sheet and the lower half of the original box.

Type B, Patent No. 830153, Factory Inspectorate Certificate No. I.S.3177

Made by T.S.G Seward, 11 Station Road, Stockton-On-Tees.

Sealed Probes

Eversafe Potential Indicator Type BEversafe Potential Indicator Both probes are made from tubular plastic, completely filled with transparent resin.

The internal components can be seen clearly, consisting of a resistor in one probe and a resistor and neon in the other.

Both probes have a crack along the length of the tube, possibly due to the resin inside expanding.

Complete Device and Instructions

Eversafe 2 pole Potential Indicator Eversafe Potential Indicator Instructions View of the complete device showing the black connecting wire. This is still reasonably flexible, despite it's age.

The instruction sheet is shown as a medium sized image. A full size 600dpi version can be downloaded here. (PNG image, 224KB).

The Video

View this video on Youtube.