Double Bayonet Coupler with plug

Metal adaptor to connect two small bayonet plugs together

Coupler and Plug

Metal bayonet coupler Metal bayonet plug with double socket connector This mystery item is a small size bayonet coupler, with a socket in each end. The metal body is one piece, the centre part secured with a single screw.

Included is one metal bayonet plug which fits into either end of the coupler.

The plug unscrews so that wiring can be connected to it, and includes a flex grip in the cap.

Purpose Unknown

Metal bayonet double socket with separate plug This is the same size as used for some light fittings (SBC), although they would normally have power connected to the socket and an appliance to the plug.

As the double socket has no provision for wiring, this indicates that the plug would be used to provide power to another identical plug - an unusual arrangement in any circumstances, and certainly not designed for mains use as this would leave the end of one plug with live exposed contacts.

The spacing between the metal casing and the plug contacts also suggests this is not designed for mains voltages.


View this video on Youtube.

This video shows the two items in more detail, including the internals of the double socket coupler.