Old Electrical Equipment - Wylex Dual Point Water Heater Switch

White plastic set of two switches for water heaters.

Original Box

Wylex Dual Point Wylex Dual Point These switches have never been used, and are complete with the original cardboard box.

2 Point Water Heater Control
with flush downstairs switch

Non Matching Pair

Wylex Dual Point Two switches are included, the smaller one intended to be mounted downstairs in the kitchen and the larger one upstairs next to the hot water cylinder.

Both have a red neon indicator and the words '2 Point Control' below the switch.

These are rated 20 amps and would typically be used with a 3kW immersion heater.


Wylex Dual Point Wylex Dual Point This switch would be mounted next to the immersion heater, and has the on/off switch, neon indicator and a separate section which can be removed to isolate the heater for maintenance.

A small Wylex logo is included above the switch.

This switch is a surface mounting type, with knockouts in the edges to accommodate the wiring.

Isolation facility

Wylex Dual Point The upstairs switch has a removable plug which disconnects both line and neutral so the heater can be safely worked on.

This feature is essential as it prevents the heater being switched on by someone downstairs who could be unaware that the heater was being adjusted or replaced.


Wylex Dual Point Wylex Dual Point The smaller switch would typically be located in the kitchen, allowing the hot water to be switched on without going upstairs.

This is a flush mounted switch, intended to be mounted on a metal box recessed into the wall.

Both switches have neon indicators, as the position of the switch does not indicate whether the heater is on or off - it can be switched on/off from both locations in a similar way to lighting on a staircase.

Wiring Instructions

Wylex Dual Point Orignial wiring instructions. Mains power and the heater are connected to the upstairs switch which also contains the isolation facility.

The smaller downstairs switch is connected with 4 cores - 3 of which are used to switch the line, in the same way as two light switches would be wired.

The 4th core is a neutral, and only provided so that the neon indicator will work.

The large version of the wiring instructions image is high resolution and suitable for printing.