Twin PVC insulated cables

PVC has been used as cable insulation for over 50 years, and is still used today. These examples are old, as they do not contain an earth conductor.

Twin cable

Twin PVC insulated flat wiring cables from the 1960s These examples would have been used on lighting circuits in the early 1960s, when it was not required for an earth conductor to be present.

Although probably still servicable, the lack of an earth conductor means that only double insulated or Class II light fittings and switches can be used.

As many light fittings today require an earth connection, this type of cable is no longer used and should be replaced.

Shown here is a grey outer sheath with stranded copper cores, grey outer with solid tinned copper cores and white outer with tinned copper cores. There is no difference between the white and grey versions other than the colour.

Triple cable

3 core lighting cable with red, yellow and blue cores, no earth Of similar age, this cable would be used between two light switches so that a single light could be controlled from two or more locations.

As with the two core examples, only plastic insulated switches can be used with this type of wiring.

This cable was manufactured with red, white and blue cores for a short period.