Dangerous incorrectly wired 13A plug

This item claimed to have been 'PAT Tested'.

Tested but not inspected?

Incorrectly wired BS1363 plug

Photo from Darren Tipple, who writes:

Recently I purchased (from a second hand 'cash converter' style shop), a small CD/radio type thing for use purely in a small workshop as my previous one had packed in.

This unit had a 'tested by' green test sticker claiming all was well. When I arrived home and looked closer I noticed the inner insulation (blue/brown) was showing just below the cord grip, and so I opened up the plug to recitify the situation.

Below is a picture of what greeted me!
At least it had the correct fuse fitted!

How many ways can you get it wrong?

For those not familiar with UK plugs and their wiring, this example has far too much exposed copper wire, the wires are connected in reverse (brown connects to the fuse, blue to the other terminal) and the flex grip should be positioned over the black outer covering, not the inner wires. The brown wire has been put into the wrong side of the terminal causing the insulation to be crushed when the lid was fitted.

The coloured insulation also appears to have been chewed off with someone's teeth rather than by using the correct tool.

Appliance testing has a substantial element of visual inspection and should include opening the plug to confirm correct wiring and the correct value fuse. Whoever 'tested' this item clearly did none of these things.

Examples of correct wiring can be viewed in the electrical installation section.