Flat Twin & Earth cables

Various T&E cables including older examples.

The Video

View this video on Youtube.

Old and New

Flat PVC insulated and sheathed wiring such as this is by far the most common option for electrical installations in homes and smalll commercial installations.

Current colours for the insulated cores are blue and brown, or brown, black and grey for the three core type.

Prior to 2006 the colours were red and black, or red, blue and yellow for three core. Older colours cannot be used on new installations but any existing wiring in those colours can be retained, there is no requirement or need to change it just because of the colour.

Additional items in the video include cables with no earth conductor (circuit protective conductor or CPC) and rubber insulated types. These have not been used for new installations for over 50 years so any still in service are overdue for replacement.