Pifco Insulated Wire Staples

Pifco Insulated Staples

Pifco insulated staples These staples were a common method of fixing cables to a flat surface. They were placed over the cable and hammered into position.

The insulated plastic part is designed to protect the cable from the metal staple.

This is a box of white staples, which for some reason also includes two brown ones.

Box of 25, 6d

Pifco insulated staples, No 2576 Box of Pifco insulated staples The box still has the price on - 6d.

Probably from the 1960s, and certainly before 1971 due to the pre-decimal pricing.

Additional views of the box

5/8 inch Pifco insulated staples Box of 25 white Pifco insulated staples The box from two different angles.

Size 5/8 inch, Made in England.