MK 10 Amp Fuses

BS1362 Cartridge Fuses.

Cardboard Box

MK Cartridge Fuse Links, List No. 609 Box of One Dozen 10 Amp Fuses A small cardboard box which originally contained one dozen fuses. MK catalogue number 609.

These are BS1362 cartridge fuses, as used in BS1363 plugs and various other things such as fused spur boxes.

10 Amps

Two 10 amp MK fuses, BS1362 MK Cartridge Fuse Links, 10 Amp, BS1362 A less common 10 Amp variety, these are coloured yellow and have black printing.

Note how the metal end caps are split - either due to age, or just shoddy manufacturing.

AC Circuits

Back view of a box containing 10A fuses For use in Plugs etc. for two-wire A.C. circuits not exceeding 250 volts.

Made in England.

The red/brown marks on the box are rust, from where this box of fuses was stored in a rusty old tin.