Marbo fuse wire on a card

A product of Marbourn Limited.


Marbo fuse wire selection, 913/P The usual three sizes of wire (5/15/30), although the actual ratings are printed on the back of the card.

Black card with yellow Marbo logo. Price label top right has the price of 31p.

List No. 913/P


Marbo fuse wire card The back contains all of the instructions and ratings for the three sizes of wire.

This item probably dates from the late 1980s or early 1990s. The telephone number code for Hartlepool is given as 0429, meaning it was prior to April 1995 when codes all changed to start with 01.

Rather strangely, the 15A wire is described as 'Kettles, Heaters and Washing Machines'. While fixed immersion heaters were often on dedicated 15A circuits, washing machines and kettles were not - and as a kettle is a portable item that could be plugged in anywhere, providing a single dedicated circuit for it would be totally pointless.