MK 5 Amp Fuses

BS646 Cartridge Fuses.

Cardboard Box

MK Cartridge Fuses, Made In England MK 5 Amp Fuses, BS646 A small cardboard box which originally contained a half dozen fuses. 5 amp rating.

These are small fuses to BS646, and were typically used for shaver adaptors, clock connectors and the rare instances where BS546 round pin plugs actually had a fuse in them.


Four MK 5 Amp BS646 fuses with cardboard box Shoddy MK Cartridge Fuses, BS646 These fuses are Made In England to an incredibly low standard.

Wires can be seen protuding from the end caps, the labelling is paper which is peeling off, and the caps themselves are of an irregular shape.

Additional picture

1/2 Dozen Box of MK Cartridge Fuses Another view of the very small box.