Cardboard holders in a dumbbell or figure 8 shape



Best Tinned Copper Fuse Wire, 5 Amp 5 amp fusewire on dumbbell shaped card Unbranded plain brown fusewire card with 5 amp fuse wire. Printed in black.

Hang this on your fusebox. Best tinned copper fuse wire 5 Amp.


Trio of cardboard fusewire holders, 5, 10 15 amps These appear to be a later version, with the front white faced and printed in a single colour - red for 5 amp, blue 10 amp, black 15 amp.

The 10 amp version has a much larger hole in the top.

White Reverse

Figure 8 cardboard fusewire holders The reverse is plain and unprinted, although the card material is of different colours.

The card on these is much thinner than the plain brown versions.