Winfield brand fuse wire on card

A Woolworths product.


Winfield Fuse Wire on card, ref 480 Winfield Fuse Wire on card, ref 480 Winfield was a brand used by Woolworths, and this item still has the original price label on it - 6p.

Three values of fuse wire, 5A, 15A and 30A.

This is probably from the 1970s.

U Jones

The back is plain, but has the name U Jones written on it.

Jones is a very common surname.

First names beginning with U are not.


Back view of Winfield fusewire, ref 480 Winfield fusewire, ref 480 Another very similar example, this one has square corners. The price label has faded to the extent that the price cannot be read.

Most of the fusewire is missing.


Back view of Winfield fusewire, ref 480, price 11p 11p Winfield fusewire, ref 480 A more recent version, price 11p. This is in virtually new condition, none of the wire has been used.

It is likely that these '480' cards were actually made by Volex, as the reference number and card design are the same as the Volex equivalent.

Ref 490

Back view of Winfield 490 fusewire Blue Winfield fuse wire card, ref 490 Much older, this blue card contains only two types of wire - 5 Amp and 15 Amp.

5 Amp for lights and small plug circuits, 15 Amp for large plug circuits. This probably refers to circuits supplying BS546 socket outlets, which were available in 2A, 5A and 15A types.

Switch off at the mains before mending fuse.
Use the correct type of wire. See Above

Made in England. Ref 490

Ref 481 Fuse Wire Kit

Back view of Winfield fuse wire kit, ref 481, price 37p Winfield fuse wire kit, price 37p This partially complete example is probably another Volex item with Winfied branding.

Originally containing three types of fuse wire (5/15/30) and two types of BS1362 cartridge fuses.

The lower half of the card has been torn off, and the back has signs of water damage.