MK 5 Amp Fuses

BS1362 Cartridge Fuses.

Cardboard Box

MK Cartridge Fuse Links, List No. 608 Box of Ten 5 Amp Fuses A small cardboard box which originally contained ten dozen fuses. Clearly whoever designed this was a proponent of metrication.

These are BS1362 cartridge fuses, as used in BS1363 plugs. 5A would typically be used for plugs connected to items such as a radio or vacuum cleaner.

5 Amps

MK Cartridge Fuse Links, 5 Amp, BS1362 Two 5 amp MK fuses, BS1362 5 amp fuses which are coloured black with white text.

The end caps are metal, the body is a hard ceramic material.

AC Circuits

Back view of a box containing 5A fuses For use with two-wire A.C. circuits not exceeding 250 volts.

Made in England.

List No. 608.