Pifco fuse wire on card

Old, much older, various colours.

Moderately old

Back view of Pifco fuse wires on card Pifco fuse wires on card This set of fusewire is probably 1970s or early 1980s.

Three types of wire, 5 Amp Lighting, 15 Amp Heating, 30 Amp Power.

Replace fuses safely and easily - is that a suggestion or a fact?


1. Turn off main switch.
2. Pull out fuses in turn until the one with broken wire is located.
3. Remove old wire and wipe porcelain clean.
4. Insert a new langth of wire of the correct type.
5. Replace fuse, close box and turn on main switch.

Much older

Old Pifco fusewire card Old Pifco fusewire card This example is older, although the instructions printed on the card are identical to the more recent one.

This does not have any reference to replacing fuses easily or safely, so presumably it was likely to be difficult and dangerous.


Black Pifco fusewire card Black Pifco fusewire card A black card with red and white text.

The same values of wire and virtually identical wording. Made in England.

Dark Red

Dark red Pifco fusewire card Dark red Pifco fusewire card A dark red card with white text.

Most of the 5A wire is missing, and the card has been folded in half.