Volex Handipak fuse wires and fuse kits

Three Sizes

VT486 Replacement Fuse Kit

Volex VT.486 Replacement Fuse Kit (Back) Volex VT.486 Replacement Fuse Kit Card which originally contained three sizes of fuse wire and six BS1362 cartridge fuses.

All of the fuses and most of the wire are missing. The fuses would have been in a transparent plastic piece which fitted into the rectangular hole in the lower section of the card.

5 Amp for light and small plug circuits. 15 Amp for large plug cirucits. 30 Amp for cooker and ring mains.

The back of the card describes the three ratings. All of these are still available, although the 5A fuse is rarely used.

VT480 Fuse Wire

Volex Handipak fuse wire Volex Handipak fuse wire, VT480 Another typical fuse wire card example, with 5A, 15A and 30A wires.

This was also sold in Woolworths under the 'Winfield' brand - same reference number and layout.