Panda brand fuse wire card

Fluorescent Green.

Four values

Back of a Panda branded fuse wire card Panda brand fusewire selection on a card This is a fairly recent item, but is unusual in that it has four values of fuse wire - the 20A type is rarely seen, as 20A rewireable fuses are seldom used.

This still has the remains of a price label on the top right.

Switch off at the mains before mending fuse.
Use the correct type of fuse wire.

Warning: Electricity can be dangerous.
If in any doubt contact a qualified electrician.

Toned down

Back of a Panda brand fuse wire card Panda fusewire card with a Payless DIY price sticker This version has substantially less green print, with the centre section plain white.

The price label is Payless DIY, probably from the 1980s.

The reverse in unprinted, with the barcode being a label stuck on afterwards.