CLANG 5 Amp 2 pin triple adaptor

Brown bakelite adaptor used to connect three plugs to a single socket outlet.

Three Sockets

Clang brown bakelite 5A triple adaptor BS372 round pin triple adaptor by CLANG This small adaptor has three BS372 5 amp round pin sockets, one directly in line with the plug and two others at an angle.

Both pins are the same size, so a plug can be inserted either way round. Not suitable for appliances requiring an earth connection.

Triple load

Clang brand triple 5A two pin adaptor BS372 5A round pin triple adaptor, Made in England The plug pins are also 5A, so the sole purpose of this device is to allow more than one appliance to be connected to a single socket outlet.

This adaptor is not fused, so it would be easy to overload the socket - theoretically 15A from a single 5A outlet.

Moulded Text

Clang 5A triple adaptor showing round pins 5A triple two pin adaptor with round Clang logo The front has the round CLANG logo between the two pin holes.

The back states Made In England, and a small circle contains the rating - 5A, 250V.