3 way 13A to 15A adaptor

Cube shaped adaptor with 13A sockets and a 15A plug.

Sockets and Plug

13A to 15A adaptor showing pins and fuse cover 13A to 15A adaptor cube Similar in appearance to cube shaped adaptors available today, this has three 13A sockets.

The difference is the plug - a round pin 15A type.

Text from the adaptor

15 Amp 250 V

LYVIA 5082

A.C. Only
Made in Hong Kong

Round Pins

15A Round pins on a cube shaped adaptor Side view of 15A pins on Lyvia cube shaped adaptor The pins are a BS546 15A round pin type, and such sockets were in common use in homes for several decades after the 13A flat pin type was introduced.

This adaptor would therefore allow appliances with more recent 13A BS1363 plugs to be used in a property with an older BS546 outlet.

15A outlets can still be purchased, and until recently were commonly used for theatre and stage lighting. However it would be extremely unusual to find such an outlet in a modern home.


Fuse holder and 13A Lyvia fuse from cube adaptor A 13A fuse is fitted. The fuse is the same type as used in 13A plugs, BS1362.

This fuse is the original Lyvia branded one.

The red holder is just a moulded piece of plastic - the actual contacts are in the adaptor itself.

Additional pictures

13A to 15A adaptor cube Bottom view of 13A to 15A adaptor cube Alternative views, showing the base and the side without a socket.