Electrical Museum - Britmac Little Briton switch

A wall mounted light switch, with brown bakelite face on a white ceramic base.

Unused, in original box

Britmac Little Briton 5 amp switch and original box Britmac Little Briton light switch box This is a small 5 amp light switch, with a vitreous china base and a brown bakelite top.

Complete with the original box, which is branded 'Little Briton'.

250 volts, 5 amps. Model LB2508.


Britmac Little Briton light switch Britmac Little Briton This would normally be mounted onto a wooden pattress. Wiring enters directly into the back of the switch, 3 terminals for either one way or two way switching.

The yellow areas are wax, which seals over screws used to hold the various components in place. The wax has cracked due to age.

Rear Text

Little Briton
Britmac 1335 D202
Regd No 774101
British Make

Box Art

Britmac Little Briton A closer view of the printed box lid.