Electrical Museum - Crabtree Lincoln light switch

New Pattern.

Crabtree Lincoln

Crabtree Lincoln switch with original box Crabtree Lincoln 5 amp 250 volt light switch A 5 amp, 250 volt light switch. Made by Crabtree, and described as a 'Lincoln' switch.

The base is white ceramic, the front is a brown hard plastic material.

This example is unused and still in the original box. Note the 'C' moulded into the end of the switch lever.

Front and Back

White ceramic back of a Crabtree Lincoln switch Crabtree Lincoln switch Wiring is connected through the back of the white ceramic piece. Three terminals would be used for two way switching, only two for one way switching.

The black spots are a filler which has been applied over the metal screws that hold the switch components in place.

The holes left and right are for woodscrews to fix the switch to a woodn pattress. These would be installed from the front, after removing the brown plastic cover.


Front view, box for a Crabtree Lincoln lightswitch Back view, box for a Crabtree Lincoln lightswitch White cardboard printed in two colours (red and black). Once side has a line drawing of the switch, the other a blank space where the model code and colour can be stamped.

Made in England, and 'New Pattern'.