Old Electrical Accessories - VT Ceiling Rose

White moulded plastic ceiling rose with black plastic base and separate terminal block..

White cover

VT ceiling rose VT ceiling rose cover and terminals The cover is moulded from a white, brittle plastic.

The inner edge is threaded to fit onto the base section.

This example dates from approxiametly 1980. The flex colours are the modern blue and brown.

Black baseplate

VT ceiling rose backplate (back) VT ceiling rose backplate (front) The base is made from a brittle black plastic. Cables entered throught the rectangular hole.

Two fixing holes secured it to the ceiling. Holes are the standard 2 inches / 50mm apart.

The recessed area is for the terminals, which unusually are a separate item, rather than being part of the base.

Text moulded into the base



REG. DES. No. 931025

BM 15139 2


VT ceiling rose backplate and terminals VT ceiling rose backplate, terminals and flex The terminals are a separate strip, which fits into the recess on the base.

Circuit wiring entered through the rectangular hole and into the terminal strip.

The 2 core flex for the light was intended to be hooked around the small tab on the left side (flex shown on the incorrect side in the photo).