Old Electrical Equipment - MEM light switches

Light switches by MEM.

Single and double switches

Old MEM light switch, single Old MEM light switch, double Probably made late 1960s or early 1970s.

These are the same size as modern lightswitches, and the fixing holes are the same spacing. It is therefore a simple task to replace switches like this with new ones - provided the circuit wiring is still in good condition.

Another single switch

Old single MEM light switch, back view Old single MEM light switch, front view Another single light switch, same as the first example.
This has 2 terminals on the back, so can only be used as a one way switch.

Both the switch and the plate have the moulded 'MEM' logo and state 'MADE IN ENGLAND'

Other wording on the switch is '5AX 250V, A.C. ONLY, UK PAT., BS 3676

5AX refers to the rating of 5 amps, X indicating suitable for inductive loads such as fluorescent lighting.

The red and pink material on the edge is the remains of paint and wallpaper.