Old Electrical Equipment - Wooden Pendant Switch

Hanging pendant light switch with wooden body.


Old wooden pendant switch Old wooden pendant switch This is a wooden light switch designed to hang on a length of twin flex.

Typically used above a bed to allow the light to be switched without getting up.

Due to age, the wood has dried out, resulting in a long crack on one side.

Some of the original fabric covered twisted flex is still attached.

Switch Operation

Wooden pendant switch in the off position Wooden pendant switch in the on position The switch is a slide type.

In one position, a brass block is positioned between the two contacts, connecting them together.

In the other position, an insulating ceramic block breaks the circuit.

The metal rod is insulated from the brass block by a rubber sleeve.

Easy Opening

Old wooden pendant switch The top cover unscrews, no tools required.

Live parts are exposed inside, even when the switch is in the off position.

As this is a UK item, it would typically be used at voltages up to 250 volts.

Switch Detail

Old wooden pendant switch Old wooden pendant switch This shows the switch mechanism removed from the wooden body.

The two contacts are spring loaded, with the tapered shape of the sliding part holding the switch in either the open or closed position.

The opposite side has terminals for attaching the wiring.

The central white part is ceramic - an excellent electrical insulator, but also rather fragile. This example is cracked.

Additional views

Old wooden pendant switch Old wooden pendant switch These images show the outer casing and inner mechanism, and how they fit together.

Wiring is threaded through the main body, attached to the inner section, and the end cap screwed on.


This video features this wooden switch and several wooden plugs.

View on Youtube.