Painted metal MEM fusebox with 4 rewireable fuses.

This item was removed from a property in 2009. Originally it would have supplied night storage heaters, but these had been removed years before and replaced with socket outlets.

External view

Exterior view, metal MEM 4 way fusebox External view. The casing is painted metal, and the cover is secured with the silver knob top centre. The main switch has a moulded plastic surround.

The label is from the original installation of storage heaters.

Cover open

Label inside a MEM 4 way fusebox Metal MEM 4 way fusebox with cover open Here the front cover has been opened, showing the four fuses.

The black plastic section above the fuses has holders for spare cartridge fuses, although this unit is fitted with rewireable types.

Label detail

The label fixed to the inside cover. This was supposed to have circuit details filled in, however this was not done. Someone has written 'Spare' on circuit 1, yet all of the circuits were in use.

The lower half of the label provides details of the required sizes of fusewire and fuses.

Fuses and covers removed

Inside a MEM 4 way fusebox, fuseway covers removed Inside a MEM 4 way fusebox, fuses removed These two images show the unit with two fuses removed, and all fuses and covers removed.

The neutral block can be seen just above and to the right of the main switch. The earth block is at the top left. The fuse next to the main switch can be of a higher rating than the others, hence the larger contacts. In this instance, all of the fuses were identical.

Fuses and spare fuse holder

Rewireable fuses and plastic holder for spares Two of the rewireable fuses. The white pads are probably asbestos. The fuses are made from a brown ceramic material.

The black plastic item covers the cables above the fuses, and has clips where spare cartridge fuses could be stored. This was redundant in this installation, as rewireable fuses were used.