Lupus Midget Consumer Unit

A metal cased consumer unit with four Lupus Midget circuit breakers.

The Video

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Lupus Lupus This robust fusebox is made from steel and has a grey painted finish.

Four circuits, which was common at the time of installation - probably 1960s or 1970s. Unusually this has circuit breakers fitted rather than fuses.

Both the circuit breakers and the main switch are Off in the up position - the opposite of modern devices.

Warning Label

Lupus As circuit breakers were an unusual option for domestic consumer units at the time, a warning label is provided which explains what MCBs are and what to do if the power goes off.

The top of the unit is covered with the usual emulsion paint.

Lid fixing

Lupus The front panel is secured with two fixings, which have screw heads on the outside.

inside they are metal tabs which hook under the lip of the case. This is far more robust than a threaded connection, as a screw into sheet steel would quickly wear the hole to a larger size and prevent the screw from securing the lid.


Lupus Lupus Incoming supply connects to the bottom of the main switch, with circuit wiring connecting to the bottom terminals of the circuit breakers.

The neutral bar is above the circuit breakers.

Incoming earth connects to the threaded stud at the lower left of the case, with the earth bar for circuit wiring next to it.

Circuit Breakers

Lupus Here the top of the circuit breakers can be seen, with the Lupus logo and 'Midget' underneath.

Screws here attach to the live busbar behind the circuit breakers, and the neutral bar can be seen directly above.

Note the dual screws securing the black insulated neutral wire to the bar.


Lupus Here two circuit breakers have been removed, showing part of the busbar behind.

The red insulated wire connects the main switch to the bar.

Breakers removed

Lupus With all MCBs removed, the entire live bar can be seen, with the neutral terminal strip directly above.

The vertical brown pieces are insulating material which support both the live busbar and the neutral terminals.

The main switch cover has been removed, showing the solid brass terminals with two screws in each.

Lower support

Lupus The lower metal bar is provided for structural support only, with the circuit breakers fitting into the metal clips. There is no electrical connection to this part.

The incoming switch terminals can be seen to the left side, and are of solid brass with dual screws.


Lupus Like most older fuseboxes, this one has white emulsion paint slopped on the outer cover.