Old Electrical Equipment - MEM 4 way enclosed metal fusebox #2

Another example of this metal cased fusebox with four ceramic fuses.
Substantially similar to the other one


MEM gery metal 4 way fusebox The outer case is grey painted steel. The cover is secured by a single screw on the bottom edge, the top has hooks which fit onto the backbox.

The switch recess is almost rectangular, compared with oval on the other one. The cover can only be removed when the switch is off.

The front cover has the 'MEM' logo in red as a separate label, and seven horizontal lines to the right of the switch.


MEM 4 way fusebox with cover and fuses removed MEM 4 way fusebox showing fuses Interior view of a MEM four way fusebox Internally, there are four ceramic rewireable fuses. A two part cardboard shield covers the main switch terminals.

The fuses are two 30A and two 5A. The fuse carriers are physically different sizes to prevent them being inserted in the wrong place.

Ceramic internals

Back view of ceramic inner from a MEM fusebox Ceramic inner from a MEM fusebox The inner section is made from a single piece of beige coloured ceramic, with metal components bolted to it.

Incoming supply wires connect to the two terminals bottom right, and individual circuits connect to the smaller terminals at the top and bottom of the four fuses.

Circuit neutrals connect to the terminal strip above and to the right of the main switch.

The switch is interlocked, to prevent the cover being removed while it is on, and preventing the switch being moved to on when the cover is missing.


Ceramic fuses from a MEM four way fuse box The fuses are rewireable types, made from a cream coloured ceramic material. The 30A ones have asbestos flash pads.

The brown coloured pieces are the cardboard covers which shield the main switch terminals.

Metal Case

Inside front metal cover Back metal box from a MEM fuse box The metal box has the single earth terminal at the bottom left. There are four cable entry holes at the top and one larger hole at the bottom.

The brown sheet fits behind the ceramic inner section, to insulate the metal parts on the back from the metal casing.

Cover label

Label inside the front metal cover A circuit identification label is fixed inside the front cover. As usual, this has not been completed.