Old Electrical Equipment - MEM 30 amp switch fuse

Single way 30A MEM ceramic fusebox.

Closed view

Old MEM switchfuse Very similar in design to the 3 way ceramic MEM fusebox, this has a single 30A fuse and a double pole switch.

The switch is shows here in the OFF position, and the plastic cover is secured with a single screw.

This would typically be used for a single higher power circuit such as that for an electric cooker, or possibly a small fusebox for lighting or a garage.

Inside the fusebox

Interior view of a MEM ceramic fusebox Interior view of a ceramic MEM 30A switchfuse Removing the cover reveals the ceramic rewireable fuse, and a further plastic shield which covers the terminals. A single screw secures the plastic shield in place.

The two larger holes are for securing the switch to a wall or backboard.

Shield removed

Under the plastic shield, the incoming terminals are clearly visible below the switch.

The outgoing neutral terminal is located top right. The remains of the incoming wiring can be seen below and behind the device.

Rewireable fuse removed

Interior view of a MEM ceramic fusebox Interior view of a MEM ceramic fusebox The white ceramic fuse just pulls out, exposing the contacts. Outgoing wiring connects to the top terminal. The lower terminal is connected internally to the top left of the switch.

The fuse is a rewireable type, and has an asbestos flash pad in the centre. The fuse wire is missing, but would have been fixed between the screw terminals at each end of the fuse.