Old Electrical Equipment - MEMERA 3 plastic 2 way fusebox

A plastic case fusebox with two cartridge fuses. Both fuses rated 15A.

Two ways, missing cover

MEM 2 way fusebox opened MEM 2 way fusebox This example was used for two storage heaters and is missing the plastic fuse cover.

The two fuses are identical, both 15A. The holders just pull out of the main unit and contain a replaceable cartridge fuse.

The front cover is fixed with a single screw, located between the fuses and the main switch. The cutout section on the lower edge is where circuit wires entered.

The plastic shields are fixed with a single screw. The main feed wires connect just above the 'on/off' label. Circuit wires connect to the top of each fuseway, with neutral at the bottom right (2 terminals) and earth at the top right (5 terminals).

Another example

MEMERA 3 plastic fusebox with front cover removed MEMERA 3 BS1361 2 way fusebox This is an identical fusebox, but is complete with the grey transparent plastic cover.

This was also used for heating, although in this case on a permanent unrestricted supply, as the heaters were normal convector types which were just switched on as required.

Fuses removed

MEMERA 3 2 way internal view MEMERA 3 The fuses are 15A BS1361 types. One is blue, the other yellow. It is likely the yellow example is older.

The plastic shields have blue coloured washers behind the fixing screw.


MEMERA 3 fusebox, 2 ways, internal view MEMERA 3 plastic front cover, internal view with label Inside, the incoming supply connects to the top of the main switch, neutral on the right terminal, line on the left.

Circuit wiring connects to the top terminal of each fuseway, the 2 way neutral bar bottom right, and the large earth bar top right.

These boxes could alternatively be fitted with rewireable fuses, the only difference being the fuseholder itself.

Grey transparent cover

MEMERA 3 smoked plastic front cover MEMERA 3 transparent plastic fuse cover The cover contains a label indicating the type of fuses or fusewires that can be used.

It is fixed with a single screw, which rather unhelpfully meant that a tool was required to replace the fuses, even though the fuses themselves just clip onto the holders with no tool required.