Old Electrical Equipment - BILL metal fusebox

This item is a metal cased fusebox with four rewirable fuses. The fuses in this example are 5A, 30A, 15A and 30A.

This item was still in service until it was removed in 2008. If you have one of these in your home, please arrange for it to be replaced immediately.

View of the assembled fusebox

BILL Fusebox complete This is how the box appeared when installed. The cover for the fuses is missing - this would have covered the ceramic fuses and was fixed in place using a single screw (hole just above the row of fuses).

The main switch is rated 60A, 250V

The actual installation was in a poor state - only the left two fuses were in use (5A lighting, and everything else on the 30A fuse). The 15A and other 30A had nothing connected at all.

Fuses removed

BILL Fusebox without fuses Fuses removed. The fuses just pull out of the main unit. Note the offset slots, and the spacing is different for each rating, to prevent the wrong fuse being inserted.

The label 'General Supply' is from a later date, as the property had night storage heaters fitted. The heaters were wired to a separate fusebox.

Front cover and two plastic shields removed

BILL Fusebox partially open Here, the front cover has been removed, and two of the plastic fuse shields removed. The shields just pull out, being held in with a centre peg and a rubber washer.

The shields are held in place by the outer metal cover, so they cannot be removed with the cover in place.

Most of the circuit wiring entered through the large round hole at the back. The large hole bottom right is believed to be where the cooker cable entered, and the smaller holes bottom left were for circuits added much later.

All shields removed

BILL Fusebox open view Here all of the shields and the brown cover over the main terminals has been removed. Note that the live and neutral feed wires pass through separate holes in the casing. This could have resulted in the case heating up - the wires should pass through the same hole.

Also note the neutral terminals immediately below the fuse positions. The earth bar is located behind the fuses - you can see a short piece of earth wire still connected at the top left.

The main earth connection is on the outside of the casing at the bottom right - a short piece of wire can be seen still attached.

Fuses and shields detail

BILL Fuses and shields View of two fuses and two shields. The fuses are the rewireable type, with the holder being made from a brown ceramic material.

To replace the wire, the two screws are removed, this detatches the centre carrier from the outer cover. Two further screws hold the fusewire at each end of the carrier.