Old Electrical Equipment - REVO 15 Amp Splitter

Isolator switch and fuse unit made from cast iron and ceramic.

Closed view

REVO 15 Amp Splitter This item consists of a 2 part cast iron casing, hinged at the bottom. The isolator switch is located on the right side, down being off. WHen on, the switch prevents the cover from opening, and also prevents switching on while the cover is open.

The two thin wires at the bottom are the main supply. They are rubber insulated with a cotton cover.

S6054 is presumably the model number, or casting number.

Open view

Switch detail from the REVO splitter Inside the REVO splitter

Two outgoing circuits, two fuses for each. Both the live and neutral are fused. This arrangement has not been permitted for over half a century.

The fuses are white ceramic. The switch is a simple 'knife' type arrangement, with a spring loaded handle.

Switch detail

The two sets of copper blades rotate into the contacts above. Incoming wiring to the two inner terminals, and wires to the fuseways from the outer two terminals. Note the cotton covered wiring below the switch mechanism.

Fuses removed

Fuses from the REVO 15A Splitter Fuses inside the REVO 15A Splitter

The right fuse has blown several times in the past, as the remains of molten copper spray and other burnt materials can clearly be seen.

Circuit wiring connects to the top terminal and exits via holes in the rear or top of the cast iron case.


The rewireable fuses are made from white ceramic. The white pads are probably asbestos cloth. As with the bases, there is burning and damage from previous fuse failures.