Wylex Standard white wooden frame 4 way fuse box

Internally identical to the 4 way brown model, this one has a white painted wood frame and a cream plastic front panel.

View of the complete fusebox

Four fuses in a cream Wylex fuse box 4 way Wylex cream fuse box This shows the complete fusebox. The front panel and fuse cover are made from cream coloured plastic; the rear frame is timber painted white.

Fuse cover removed

Here, the fuse cover has been removed, showing the four fuses. All of these are 15 amp. This board was probably used for night storage heaters.

Fuses removed

Wooden frame, busbar assembly and plastic shields Cream plastic Wylex fuse box The plastic shields are visible here. These are the more recent type, which are made entirely from coloured plastic (Blue in this example). Earlier types were brown with a painted edge.

Cover removed

The painted wooden frame is clearly visible. Supply wires connected to the top right terminals, which have small plastic covers over them. These covers are often missing, which is dangerous as these terminals are live even with the main switch Off.

Note the plastic shields have a white section in the centre. This is made from arc-resistant material, so that in the event of a fusewire failing, the molten copper will not melt the plastic shield. These white pieces are often missing, which will result in damage to the shield when a fuse blows.

Shields removed

Wooden frame fusebox showing busbar assembly The circuit wiring connects to the top terminal of each fuseway. The solid bar across the bottom of the fuseways is live.

Neutral wires connect to the terminal block just above the first (right) fuse position, and earth wires connect to the top left brass block.

The switch and fuse assembly is made from moulded brown plastic, and is secured to the wooden frame with two screws.