Wylex Standard white plastic fuseboxes

These white all-plastic boxes are some of the newest types, typically from the 1980s or later.

2 way fuse box

White plastic Wylex fuse box with 2 fusesways White plastic Wylex fuse box, fuse cover removed Almost identical to the older brown plastic types, this is made from white plastic and has two fuseways. In this instance, only one fuse was fitted, which was a 5 amp. The rightmost fuseway has a blank plate fitted.

The main switch is rated to 45A, and the cover is secured with two small screws either side of the switch.

A hole has been cut in the lower left edge for cables to enter, and as usual, the casing is coated with white emulsion paint.

2 way fuse box - Inside

White plastic 2 way Wylex fuse box, front cover removed White plastic 2 way Wylex fuse box, interior view The inside has the typical Wylex layout, incoming supply top left, live busbar along the bottom of the fuses with outgoing circuits connected to the top of each fuse.

The Neutral block is to the left and below the main switch.

The back of this box is made from moulded plastic, in contrast to the wooden versions which just had an outer frame and no back. The earth block is located directly above the fuses, which is another change from the wooden frame types.

6 way fuse box

Exterior view of a fairly recent 6 way plastic Wylex fuse box Exterior view of a fairly recent 6 way plastic Wylex fuse box This 6 way unit is more recent, the significant changes being the use of 4 fixing holes (one at each corner) and the main switch is reversed, so that it is On in the 'up' position.

There are two additional supports just below the fuse cover, on account of the plastic material being far thinner and therefore more flexible than the older types.

The fuses are identical to other models. Here the leftmost position has a blank plate fitted, and the other five ways are for 15A fuses.

6 way fuse box - fuse shields removed

6 way Wylex plastic fusebox with fuse cover removed As with other Wylex fuseboxes, the plastic shields are easily removed, and can be replaced with other ratings. When missing, the live busbar is exposed.

6 way fuse box - Interior

Interior of a white 6 way Wylex fuse box Interior of a white 6 way Wylex fuse box The inside is virtually identical to other Wylex models, with the exception of the main switch assembly.

Earth block is top centre, neutral block to the left of the main switch, outgoing circuits connect to the top of each fuseway, and the live busbar is located along the bottom of the fuseways.

6 way fuse box - main switch details

Main switch details for a white plastic Wylex fusebox Main switch details for a white plastic Wylex fusebox The main switch is significantly different to the switch used on almost all of the earlier types of Wylex fusebox.

The incoming terminals only have a single clamping screw each, and the plastic moulding is much narrower. The plastic terminal covers are a single piece, rather than separate covers for each terminal.

The switch itself operates in reverse to the previous types - here, the switch is ON when in the raised position. The switch lever is red moulded plastic, and is much wider than the earlier types.