Wylex Standard metal 2 way 45A fusebox

Metal cased version with space for 2 circuits.

Complete fusebox

Wylex 45A two way metal fusebox with fuse removed Wylex 45A two way metal fusebox The outer case is painted metal, with the fuse cover being moulded plastic.

In this example, the fuse cover has been cut away to allow a plug in MCB to be fitted. The other space is fitted with a blank.

The plug in MCBs have a plastic shield which covers the live busbar. These are similar, but not identical to the shields for the fuses.


Wylex Wylex Inside, the typical Wylex moulded plastic mechanism can be seen. The switch design is the most common traditional one, with the switch lever made from red coloured plastic. In this instance, ON is the UP position.

Incoming supply at the top, circuit neutrals connecting to the terminals bottom left. Earths to the brass bar fixed to the metal case at the bottom right.

As this assembly is only rated for 45A total, neither of the fuseways have the notch to allow high rated fuses to be fitted.

Inner frame

Wylex The inner moulded frame is of typical design, and is fixed to the backbox with two screws.

EIther rewireable fuses, cartridge fuses or plug in MCBs can be fitted.

Inner frame reverse

Wylex The reverse side has the maximum ratings, which in this case are 45 amps, 250 volts, AC only.

Part number M132/4. Made in England.


Wylex Three fixing holes, three knockout cable entries at the top and two more on the bottom edge.

There are four additional holes in the back, two of which are used to secure the inner frame. The other two suggest this box was used for a different configuration, possibly a single way switch.