Wylex Standard wooden frame 1 way 60A switchfuse

Based on the same design as the Wylex fuseboxes, this has a single 60A fuse.

View of the complete fusebox

1 way Wylex fusebox with fuse cover removed 1 way Wylex 60A switchfuse, wood frame with brown plastic cover The outer frame is wood, with a plastic front cover. There is only one fuse, and the whole thing is significantly larger that the multi-way fuseboxes.

60A, 240V, 50Hz. Cat. No. 108.
Made in England, BS5419:1977.

Utilisation category AC21 (Switching of resistive loads).

This example was used in the common area of a block of flats, and controlled the supply to a single flat (apartment).

The fuse is a cartridge type, 60A.


Wylex 60A switchfuse with fuse and shield removed

Wylex 60A switchfuse with fuse removed Wylex 60A switchfuse, internal view Inside, the main switch is the same design as used in the smaller fuseboxes, with the supply terminals at the top. Since there is only one fuse, the neutral connection is a single terminal directly below the switch, rather than the horizontal bar used in the other fuseboxes.

The fuse connections are a heavy duty type with additional spring contacts. The outgoing line wire connects to the top terminal.

A small earth terminal is provided at the bottom right - this originally had two screws, one of the screws is missing.


Back view of Wylex 60A switchfuse Internal frame of a Wylex 1 way 60A fuseboxA closer view of the internal moulded section. Ratings are marked on the back - 60A, 250V, AC only.

Fuse and holder

60A cartridge fuse and metal blades 60A cartridge fuse and 2 part plastic holderThe fuseholder is a 2 part plastic moulding, held together with a single screw.

The two metal pieces clamp onto the fuse and form the blades which fit into the fusebox terminals.