Wylex Standard wooden frame 4 way fuse box

Similar to the model on the previous page, this one has 4 fuses.

View of the complete fusebox

Four fuses in a brown Wylex fuse box 4 way Wylex brown fuse box This shows the complete fusebox. The front panel and fuse cover are made from brown plastic; the rear frame is timber.

Fuse cover removed

Underneath the fuse cover are four fuses.

Ratings from left to right are 5A (white), 15A (blue), 30A (red), 30A (red).

Fuses removed

Wooden frame and busbar assembly Brown Wylex fuse box with fuses removed All fuses removed, showing the plastic shields. These are of an older type, made from brown plastic with a painted outline to denote the rating.


The wooden frame is clearly visible. There are various fixing holes and the top centre has a cutout section where cables entered.

The white areas on the top left edge are paint, from where someone was careless when painting the wall behind the fusebox.