Old Electrical Equipment - Wylex double pole switch

White plastic double pole switch by Wylex.

White Wylex branded switch

White WYylex isolator switch in the ON position White WYylex isolator switch in the OFF position This was probably intended for use with an immersion heater, although is not marked as such. Made from white plastic with the round Wylex logo on the front.

The switch lever has the ON/OFF engraved markings, and these are both highlighted in brown paint.

Further views

Back view of the white Wylex isolator switch White Wylex isolator switch, cover removed Only one of the holes in the rear casing has been used, as the other cable was surface mounted. Unusually, the supply cable was surface fixed and entered at the top of the switch, with the flex to the heater passing through the back of the switch and concealed in the wall.

The earth terminal is not shown, but is identical to that on the brown switch.

Zoomed pictures are smaller, as these pictures are much older and the camera used was significantly lower resolution.