Neo Maintest Electrical Fault Finder

A neon single pole voltage indicator, which is electrically identical to a neon screwdriver.

Original Box

Neo Maintest neon tester with original box This is a neon indicator device, which relies on a conductive path through the user to operate.

Very similar in construction to the neon screwdriver devices that are available, although this one has no screwdriver tip.

As most 'neon screwdrivers' are entirely useless as screwdrivers, the lack of a screwdriver tip isn't a problem here.


Neo Maintest voltage indicator The device is constructed from a black plastic body which has a hole in the side to view the neon indicator.

The metal probe tip is covered with what looks like blue heatshrink insulation.

A metal cap and clip provide the conductive connection to the user's finger.


Neo Maintest cardboard box A minimalist white carboard box, printed in red only so that the text appears as white on red.

Neo-Maintest Electrical Fault Finder

'The Electricians Mate'

Tests 100 to 700 volts AC

Complete Set

Neo Maintest test indicator, box and instructions This shows the box, test device and instruction leaflet as originally supplied.

Internal Parts

Individual componets of a Neo Maintest neon testing probe Internally the construction is identical to other devices of this type - a neon indicator, high value resistor, metal cap and a spring to hold the items together inside the plastic case.

User safety is only provided by the resistor.

Cap and Label

Neo Maintest label Neo Maintest label Neo Maintest label Tests 100 to 700 volts AC/DC


Neo Maintest instruction leaflet Neo Maintest instruction leaflet The instruction leaflet is double sided. Both sides reproduced here.

Rather bizarre that spare parts were available, including the neon lamp, resistor and spring.

No date is given, however the telephone number begins 01 which is after PhONEday, 16 April 1995.


Neo Maintest packaging Large image of the box text.

Three sides have text as shown in this and earlier images, the fourth side of the box is plain red.

Fully guaranteed. Made in England by Neo Electrical Industries, High Peak, SK23 7EE.