Burgess BBS-20 MkII Bandsaw

A small bandsaw from the 1970s.


Burgess BBS20 MkII Bandsaw Totally Dismantled
A 1970s Burgess BBS20 bandsaw is totally dismantled to individual component level.

Burgess BBS-20 Bandsaw Reassambled
The Burgess bandsaw is reassambled after being painted dark green. A new mains lead and plug are fitted..

Burgess BBS20 Bandsaw Blade Installation
A new bandsaw blade is installed and adjusted. Includes details on adjusting the upper wheel and the blade guides..

Burgess Bandsaw Cutting Metal
The BBS-20 and a fine pitch blade is used to cut some aluminium tubing.

Bench Top Bandsaw

This small bandsaw was made by Burgess, and is a model BBS-20 Mark 2. Probably made in the 1970s, it is complete with all parts present.

This series of videos shows a total teardown and dismantling, reassambly after painting, and finally blade installation.

Blade and Belt

The drive belt for this bandsaw is a 210XL037 - a standard size available from suppliers of power transmission components.

The blade for this machine is 56.5 inches in length (1435mm) and can be either 1/4 or 3/8 inch wide. The blade must be the thin type designed for 'hobby' machines due to the small wheel diameter and the slot size in the blade guides.


Please note that I do NOT have any documents, instructions, diagrams or anything else for this machine. However the videos show pretty much everything there is to know about this machine, and there is little or nothing that the official instructions would add.