Converting an old halogen floodlight into an LED disco light

In this series, an old 1000 watt halogen floodlight is converted into a multicolour flashing and rotating LED disco light.

Despite it's age, the halogen light did still work, however it is grossly overpowered and expensive to operate.

In this section

Colour Changing LED Lamps
Cheap Chinese colour changing LED lamps.

Rotating LED Lamps
More cheapo lamps with fixed LEDs and a rotating plastic lens on top.

1000 Watt energy wasting electric floodlight
An old halogen floodlight which uses a 1000 watt lamp for maximum power wastage.

Plastic Fresnel Lenses for magnification purposes
A quantity of plastic Fresnel lenses originally intended for magnification of books and newspapers.

LED Disco Light Final Build and Demonstration
The LED disco light is constructed, tested and demonstrated outside at night.

The complete playlist of videos can be viewed on Youtube.