Test Equipment

Examples of testing equipment and how it is used.

In this section

Cliff Quicktest QT1 mains connector block
A look at the Cliff Quicktest QT1 - a device which enables bare wires to be quickly and safely connected to mains power for testing purposes.

Clamp Meters Old and New
How to use a modern clamp meter to measure current, plus two vintage examples from Ferranti and Sangamo Weston.

Electrical measurement categories I II III IV
An overview of the four electrical measurement categories, where they apply and why it is important to have suitably rated test equipment.

Mains Voltage Isolation Transformers
An explanation of isolation transformers and what they can be used for.

Multimeters for electrical installations
What a multimeter is used for, how it is used and what to look for when selecting a multimeter for mains voltage applications.

LPT200 Lamp Parameter Tester
An overview of the LPT200 Lamp Parameter Tester, a power meter designed for lamps and other small appliances up to 10 amps.