Electrical Installation Testing

This video covers the tests required for an electrical installation and the order in which those tests are carried out.

Further pages in this section have videos for each individual test.

The Video

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In this section

Continuity Testing for electrical installations
Electrical testing to confirm that the circuit protective conductor is continuous and properly connected at each accessory.

Continuity tests for ring final circuits
How to test ring final circuits, with an explanation of each test required.

Insulation Resistance testing for electrical installations
An explanation of how insulation resistance is tested for an electrical circuit and why it is important.

Polarity Testing for AC installations
Methods of checking correct connection of line and neutral, also considered as polarity for AC circuits.

Earth Electrode Testing for electrical installations
Methods of testing an earth electrode or ground rod to ensure it has a suitably low impedance.

Loop Impedance Testing
How to do earth loop impedance testing, calculating prospective fault current and why these are important.

Phase Sequence Testing
What phase sequence or phase rotation is and how to test for it.

Testing residual current devices
An explanation and video demonstration of the tests required for residual current devices.