Venner Ven-O-Set Bayonet Lamp Timer

This video features the Ven-O-Set, a 'miniature' mechanical timer which has a bayonet plug and socket. Intended to be installed in a ceiling or table lamp to switch it on and off automatically once per day.

The Video

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This example from 1962 includes the original box and instructions.

As this must be fitted into a bayonet light fitting and can control only a single lamp, this was a very niche limited use product even when new.

Probably only used with a ceiling light fixture, as for desk or table lamps the far more common timers with a BS1363 plug and socket could be used, those also having applications for other appliances such as heaters.

Although miniature by 1962 standards, today this is a ridiculously large device to just turn a single light on and off.