Old Electrical Equipment - Sangamo electricity meter

Older type Sangamo electricity meter.

80A electricity meter

Sangamo electricity meter Similar to the Ferranti meter, this also has five digits to record the total kWh. The smaller red digit records 1/10 kWh. The reading shown is 62403.

The central disc revolves, with 166 and 2/3 revolutions being 1 kWh. 240 volts, maximum of 80A, single phase, 2 wires.

The large black numbers at the bottom of the display are the serial / identification numbers for this particular meter. The small words underneath read 'This meter is the property of Southern Electricity Board'.

As with all meters, the wires enter at the bottom. These are always in the same sequence, regardless of make and model.
The standard arrangement, left to right is:
1. Live from supply cutout
2. Neutral from supply cutout
3. Neutral to fusebox
4. Live to fusebox