Old Electrical Equipment - Ferranti electricity meter

Old and fairly useless electricity meter.

40A electricity meter

Ferranti electricity meter Old Ferranti electricity meter.

This is a fairly useless meter today, as it has a maximum load of only 40A - far too small for modern houses. Although it will work with a higher current, the calibration is not guaranteed over 40A, so it is likely to be inaccurate.

The meter is single phase, two wire, 240V, 50Hz. The central disc rotates - 225 revolutions for 1kWh.

The total in kWh is recorded on the five digits at the top (88525 in the photo). The smaller digit outlined in red records 1/10 kWh.

The gold and black sticker suggests this was last checked/calibrated in 1988. It is likely the meter is much older.

Meter with supplier cutout

Ferranti electricity meter and supplier cutout This photo shows the electricity meter next to the supplier cutout.

The vertical copper cable in the centre goes from the electricity meter to the fusebox. The earth connection to this is also wrong - it should have a proper earthed gland on the end.

The copper cable is MIMS - mineral insulated metal sheathed. Also known as MICC or PRYO. In this installation, the meter and cutout were in the basment, and the fusebox in a 2nd floor flat.

The meter shown has since been replaced with a new one.