Electric gate control panel shambles

Whoever did this clearly had no idea.

The Top

Gate control panel - parts removed for reasons unknown This shows the top part of the control board. That loose connector top right is what would have plugged into a ground loop controller.

The controller has been removed by persons unknown, and the connector balanced on top of the board.

The ground loop is designed to detect a vehicle passing over it, and open the gate to allow the vehicle to exit. Without the controller, vehicles will be waiting for a very long time indeed.

The Bottom

Gate control panel - let the wires hang out! In a properly installed system, wiring is secured properly and joints are kept to a minimum.

Here, wiring is flapping in the breeze and various types of connector are hanging loose.
Some of those wires are 240V AC. Others are 24V AC, and some are 12V DC. All mixed up together in a twisting tangle.

Cable labelling and identification - no.

The complete mess

Gate control panel shambles A view of the complete panel.

What isn't so obvious here is that most of the safety devices are not actually connected to the board - wire links have been installed instead.
The motor capacitors are hanging by their leads.
Some of the wires are not connected to anything.
The waterproof enclosure this mess in contained in has a massive crack at the top where buffoons have grossly overtightened the screws.

Of course, this mess did not work at all - mainly due to water pouring down the back of the board and shorting out the 240V supply.