Unusual Earth Connection

Incoming supply for two flats

The overall mess

The complete arrangement, incomer with 2 meters and cabing This is the incoming supply for two flats (apartments). What was once a house has been divided so that each floor is a separate dwelling.

The incoming supply is three phase, with only two of the phases in use.

The smaller white meter is for the upper floor, the larger grey one for the ground floor.

The large grey tube at the bottom right is an insulated water pipe.

Incomer and meter 1

Three phase incomer with electricity meter and some other connections This is the meter for the upper floor. Originally it had Economy7 night heating, and the meter for that had 5 terminals. When that was removed, the unused cable end was just taped up and left hanging next to the new single rate meter.

The neutral connection is provided from the cutout in the usual way (black wires). This passes through the meter and connects to the split concentric cable at the top right.

This is a PME service, where the earth and neutral are connected together at the cutout. However in this case, the joint is made outside of the cutout, and after the meter. This has the unwanted effect that the connection effetively belongs to the owner of the building, and removing the meter will also disconnect the earth for the whole installation.

Separate connection blocks are provided for the L, N and E, N&E being linked together, and the centre N block incorrectly having a green/yellow earth label on it.

Meter 2

Earth derived from the neutral, but after the meter The madness continues with the meter for the ground floor. Once again the earth and neutral are combined after the meter, and only a single block is used for both neutral and earth.

This meter is a multiple rate type with 5 connections, however only 4 are in use. The seal is missing.