UK 13A Plugs in real life

Photographs of real wired plugs.

Class 1, moulded plastic cable grip

13A plug with 3A fuse, class 1 appliance, plastic flex grip Black plastic plug with a 3 core flex connected. This is for a Class1 appliance, hence the presence of the earth wire.
A 3 amp fuse is fitted.

The black plastic is a slightly flexible type, which will reduce the chances of breakage if the plug is dropped.

Class 2, bar type cable grip

13A plug with 2A fuse, class 2 appliance, bar type flex grip White plastic plug with a 2 core flex connected. This is for a Class 2 appliance, so there is no earth wire.
A somewhat unusual 2 amp fuse is fitted - typical values are 3, 5 and 13 amp.

This plug is made from a much harder white plastic, which is more likely to fracture if the plug is dropped.

Non-removable moulded plug, class 1

13A non-removable plug 13A non-removable plug Black moulded plug as typically found on most modern appliances. These cannot be removed, and the only servicable part is the centre fuse carrier.

The fuse carrier simply prys out using a small screwdriver.

If a plug like this is damaged, the only option is to cut the plug off and fit another one. The removed plug should be physically destroyed to avoid it being plugged in - which would be a serious hazard.

This example is a lead from a kettle, the other end has a moulded IEC60320 C15 connector. If the plug on a lead like this is damaged, it is easier and cheaper to replace the whole thing, rather than fitting a new plug on one end.

Non-removable moulded plug, class 2

13A non-removable plug 13A non-removable plug Another type of permanently fitted plug. This one has a plastic earth pin, as it is for a class 2 appliance.

The fuse holder is fixed vertically, and is made from a red colour plastic.