BS52 bayonet plug to 2 pin BS372 socket

Now almost any small appliance can be connected to the lighting circuit.


Goltone bayonet BS52 plug to round pin socket Goltone BS52 plug to round pin socket This GOLTONE branded adaptor has a BS52 bayonet socket on one end, and a BS372 two pin socket on the other.

This enables any appliance with a 5 amp 2 pin plug to be connected into a light fixture.

This would be useful if some rooms in a house had 2 pin socket outlets and others did not - the same appliance could be used in all rooms.


Unbranded bayonet to round pin adaptor Unbranded BS52 bayonet to two round pin adaptor Generic BS52 bayonet to round pin socket adaptor A similar adaptor, this has no brand name or any markings at all.

It is significantly longer than the Goltone one.