Old Electrical Equipment - MK 2949 Double Socket Outlet

Surface mounted double socket outlet with separate moulded backplate.

Exterior and Cover

MK2949 double socket outlet front plate MK2949 double socket outlet, surface mounted A surface mounted double socket outlet. Each outlet is individually switched.

The front cover is a completely separate piece, and has no electrical parts at all. It is secured with two screws.

Cover removed

Reverse view of MK2949 socket front plate MK2949 double socket outlet, interior The front cover has been removed. The internal mechanism is clearly visible.

Note the single pole switches (neutral is not switched) and the shutters over the L and N holes. The shutter is moved when the earth pin of a plug is inserted, this pushes the shutter downwards and exposes the contacts.

The two larger holes top right and bottom left would be used to fix the socket to the wall

Connection terminals along the top are E (left), L (centre) and N (right).

Back and backplate

MK2149 double socket outlet backplate Back of the MK2949 double socket outlet The back of the socket assembly has the connecting strap for the earth contacts. The three terminal holes can be seen along the top - wiring would enter from this side, and be secured with the terminal screws on the front.

The edge has various removable sections where cables can enter. In this example, a single cutout has been removed in the top centre.

Unlike most items today, this was Made in England.

The plastic backplate is a separate component, list no. 2149. This is necessary as there are several live parts exposed on the back of the socket.

Three pieces

MK2949 double socket outlet front plate The three separate parts - backplate, socket assembly and front cover.